R0B0T B-9 sound files

bweep.au - The sound of something magically appearing on Lost in Space.

spare_me_the_moralizing.au - Dr. Smith "Spare me the moralizing, you overcautious concoction."

super_android.au - WARNING, it is very foolhardy to activate a super android when you do not know if he will be in a good mood or not.

AffirmDrSmith.wav - Affirmative, Doctor Smith.

AlienApproaching.wav - Alien approaching!

b9.wav - Robot model B9, designed and computerized as a mechanized electronic aide for Earth voyagers engaged in astral expeditions.

CannotAcceptAction.wav - I cannot accept that course of action.

CheckAlphaControlEmail.wav - Please check with Alpha Control for incoming email.

danger_will_robinson.wav - DANGER, DANGER Will Robinson!

dangerous_alien.wav - There is a dangerous alien among us.

death_and_destruction.wav - I will not let you cause death and destruction throughout the universe.

DidYouRingDrSmith.wav - Did you ring, Doctor Smith?

difference.wav - You are a man; I am a machine. Other than that slight difference, we have a great deal in common.

does_not_compute.wav - Does not compute.

DoesNotCompute.wav - That does not compute.

DoesNotNecessarilyCompute.wav - That does not necessarily compute.

DoNotHaveAuthorize.wav - You do not have authorization.

DoOrBeDeactivated.wav - With alien life forms, ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do or become permanently deactivated.

familiar_behavior_pattern_detected.wav - A familiar behavior pattern is detected.\

fishing.wav - Object "fish" has eluded capture.

i_compute_you_well.wav - I compute you well.

i_have_only_you.wav - Everyone has someone. I have only you.

IAmSorry.wav - I am sorry.

i-do-not-sleep.wav - I do not sleep. It is not one of my functions.

immediate_danger - WARNING! Immediate danger.

insufficient_data.wav - Insufficient data.

IntruderInWebsite.wav - Sensors indicate an alien intruder in this website.

IonicProbe.wav - I compute it to be an ionic directional probe.

is_this_important.wav - Is this important?

it_computes.wav - It computes.

it_does_not.wav - It does not compute.

losing_power.wav - WARNING! WARNING! Losing power! Losing...

machines_are_trustworthy.wav - Machines are trustworthy.

MoreImportantWork.wav - I was programmed for more important work.

my_programming_is_infallible.wav - My programming is infallible.

NeedCulture.wav - A robot does not live by programming alone. Some culture is required to keep my tapes in balance.

negative_impossible_comply_request.wav - Negative - impossible to comply with your request.

not_programmed_for_fear.wav - I am not programmed for fear.

prime_directive.wav - The Prime Directive forbids me to harm human beings.

project_dangerous.wav - This project is extremely dangerous.

QuestionsQuestions.wav - Questions, questions.

robot_laugh.wav - Derisive robot laugh.

robot_laugh_2.wav - Humorous robot laugh.

RobotLaugh.wav - Long robot laugh.

sinister.wav - I computed the aliens. They are capable of sinister and dangerous acts.

TapesAllWornOut.wav - Oh...my computer tapes are all worn out.

Thankyou.wav - My micro-mechanism thanks you, my computer tapes thank you, and I thank you.

that_of_course_does_not_compute.wav - That, of course, does not compute.

warning_1.wav - WARNING!

warning_2.wav - WARNING! WARNING!

warning_3.wav - WARNING! WARNING! WARNING!

watch_it_will_robinson.wav - Watch it, Will Robinson.

WhatYouDoneWrong.wav - What you have done is wrong.

worn_condition.wav - Due to worn condition of memory bank, compliance impossible.

work.wav - Work! Work! Faster! Faster!

you_are_my_friend.wav - You are my friend.

you_are_wasting_our_time.wav - You are wasting our time, Earth creature.

you_do_not_compute.wav - YOU do not compute.

Dr. Smith's insults to the robot

Adlepated Amateur

Adlepated Armor Bearer

Aluminum Canary

Animated Weather Station

Arrogant Automation

As Protective as a Leaky Umbrella

Astigmatic Automaton

Automated Oaf

Babbling Birdbrain

Babbling Bumpkin

Bellicose Bumpkin

Big Mouth

Blithering Blatherskite

Blithering Booby

Bloated Blimp

Blundering Bag of Bolts

Blithering Bumpkin

Book-Making Booby

Broken-down Has Been

Brutish Product of the Mineral World

Bubble Brain


Bubble-Headed Booby

Bulbous Bumpkin

Bumbling Bag of Bolts

Bumbling Booby

Bumbling Bucket of Bolts

Bumbling Cracker Barrel

Bumptious Booby

Bumptious Braggart


Bungling Incompetent

Cackling Cacophony

Cackling Canister

Cackling Clod

Cackling Cookoo

Cackling Coward

Cantankerous Clod

Cold Hearted Clod

Caterwauling Clod

Cautious Clump

Chattering Magpie

Clanking Clod

Clod-Like Collection of Condensors

Clumsy Clod

Clumsy Cloot

Clumsy Clump

Complete Moron

Computerized Clod

Computerized Clump

Confused Compass

Cowardly Clump

Cowardly Friend

Cumbersome Clod

Cumbersome Clump

Cybernetic Simpleton

Cybernetic Skeptic

Defective Detective

Dehumanized Lie Dispenser

Demented Diode

Deplorable Dummy

Deplorable Dunderhead

Despotic Dunce

Digitised Dunce

Dippity Dunce

Disreputable Dunce

Disreputable Dunderhead

Doctor Dunderhead

Dottering Dolt

Dottering Dunderhead



Elephantine Adam

Egomanicale Ethrentricity

Evasive Coward

Ferrous Frankenstein

Fiend in Tin Clothing

Floundering Flunky

Foolish Fop

Frightful Fractious Frump

Frozen Eskimo

Fugitive From a Junkheap

Fugitive From a Junkyard

Fugitive From a Scrap Heap

Fugitive From a Scrap Metal Yard

Gallumphing Gargoyle

Gargantuan Goose

Garrulous Gargoyle


Gigantic Gargoyle


Gregarious Gremlin

Hard-Headed Harbinger of Death

Hard-Headed Harbinger of Evil

Hardware Hyena

Hopeless Heap of Tainted Tin

Hulking Mass of Mechanical Ignorance

Hypertensive Hypochondriac

Ignominious Ignoramus

Ill-informed Ignoramus

Impersonal Collection of Inanimate Hardware

Incompetent Moronic Lump

Incompetent Walking Ingot

Incompetent Idiot

Incompetent Imbecile

Ineffectual Ineptitude

Inept Gold Bricker

Inept Idiot

Infamous Informer

Ingot of Ingratitude


Insensitive Brute

Insensitive Clump

Insensitive Idiot

Insensitive Machine

Insipid Ineptitude

Iron-Borne Ingrate

Irresponsible Winebibber

Jabbering Jackanape

Jabbering Jeremiah

Jabbering Judas

Jangling Junkheap

Jespoty Dunce

John Barley Corn


Juvenile Junkpile


Know Nothing Numskull

Know-nothing Numskull


Lamebrained Lump

Lead-lined Lothario

Lead-lined Lump

Lily Livered Lump

Lily-Livered, Lead-Lined Lummox

Little Mother

Ludricous Lump

Lugubrious Lagert

Lugubrious Lump

Magnificent Mobile

Malicious Moron

Mass of Fear

Mealy-mouthed Rogue

Meandering Mental Midget

Mechanical Dunderhead

Mechanical Friend

Mechanical Meddler

Mechanical Misery

Mechanical Misfit

Mechanical Monolith

Mechanical Moron

Mechanical Murderer


Medical School Dropout

Mediocre Medical Misfit

Mental Midget

Metallic Ham

Metallic Monstrosity

Metallic Murderer

Metallurgical Friend

Miserable Mass of Metal

Miserable Mechanism

Misguided Moron

Mechanical Misery

Misshapen Mummy

Monstrous Mountebank

Mechanized Misguided Moron

Monstrous, Metallurgical Meddler

Mr. Wrongway Computer

Mumbling Mass of Metal

My Insensitive Friend

Myna Bird

Nattering Ninny

Neanderthal Ninny

Negligent Ninny

Nervous Ninny

Nickering Ninny



Noxious Ninny

Obsolete Oaf

Obsolete Piece of Scrap Metal

Old Booby

Overcautious Concoction

Overgrown Ninny

Oversized Oaf

Parsimonious Puppet

Pathetic Pomposity

Pedagogical Pip-squeak

Pitiable Pip-squeak

Plasticized Parrot

Pompous Pip-squeak

Ponderous Plumber

Pot Headed Prankster

Pot-Bellied Prankster

Pot-Bellied Pumpkin

Powered Prankster

Preening Popinjay

Presumptuous Pip-Squeak

Presumptuous Popinjay

Pretentious Popinjay

Primitive Pile of Pistons

Proverbial Neanderthal Ninny

Puny Pip-squeak

Pusillanimous Pinhead

Pusillanimous Pip-squeak

Pusillanimous Puncher

Pusillanimous Punkah

Pusillanimous Puppet

Pusillanimous Tyrant

Quivering Quintessence of Fear

Ramshackled Romeo


Real Great Goose

Ridiculous Robot

Ridiculous Roustabout

Ridiculous Ruin

Robust Rock Hound

Rolly-Poly Rowdy

Rusty Rasputin

Sanctimonious Scatterbrain

Scurrilous Scatterbrain

Sententious Sloth

Sickening Cybernetic

Silent Sentinel

Silly Goose

Silly Old Ninny

Silly Sausage

Silly Sloth

Silly Stupid Lovable Old Ninny

Silver-Plated Sellout

Simple Simon

Slick Sophisticated & Charming


Snivelling Cinderbox

Sorry Specimen of Computerhood

Stalwart Companion

Stalwart Sortie

Steely-Eyed Sorcerer

Stubborn Clatterbrain

Stupid Friend

Tarnished Friend

Tarnished Trumpet


Terrified Mechanical Dunderhead

Tin-Plated Fool

Tin-Plated Fraud

Tin-Plated Snitch

Tin-Plated Tattletale

Tin-Plated Tintinnabulation

Tin-Plated Traitor

Tin-Plated Tyrant

Tintinnabulation Tin Can

Tiresome Thesaurus


Traitorous Electronic Junk Pile

Traitorous Tin-Plated Fugitive

from a Junkyard

Traitorous Tintinnabulation

Traitorous Transistorized Toad

Transistorized Tiger

Treasonous Tyrant

Trusty Aid

Tyrannical Tin Plate

Tyrannus Thesaurus

Unabridged Dictionary

Unconscious Concoction

Unctuous Underling

Uncultured Clump

Ungrateful Underling

Ungrateful Wretch

Unspeakable Insult


Worry Wart

Worthless Electronic Scrapheap


Wrong Way Computer